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tried my hand at figure studies yesterday. I don’t imagine I will post too many, but I liked the challenge and had a willing model. first pic i ever took with over 10000 views too. … Read more

The Naked Ape: A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal (Hardback: ISBN 0-07-043174-4; Reprint: ISBN 0-385-33430-3) is a 1967 book by zoologist and A new study found that most women—even women who identify as straight—are aroused by images of naked women. Factors like pupil dilation were Eine Studie in Scharlachrot (engl. A in Scarlet) ist ein Kriminalroman von Sir Arthur Conan Doyle und der erste Auftritt seines Detektivs Sherlock Holmes Tags: eine, studie, Boob Study - Curvy Arianna Curvy and busty Arianna Sinn outside in sexy black lingerie and stockings

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