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Tura Satana – Faster, Pussycat …

Tura Satana – Faster, Pussycat

Tura Satana’s most noted screen role is Varla in the 1965 film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! – a very aggressive and sexual female character for which she did all of her own stunts and fight … Read more

D'origine japonaise et cheyenne, l'actrice américaine Tura Satana, 72 ans, est décédée vendredi dans la soirée, à son domicile de Reno, dans le Nevada. Cast. Tura Satana as Varla; Haji as Rosie; Lori Williams as Billie; Susan Bernard as Linda; Stuart Lancaster as the Old Man; Paul Trinka as Kirk; Dennis "How incredibly awesome is all-nal 36FF Miriam Gonzalez? I mean, C'MON! Look at those boobs! Man, oh man. Is it any wonder why she's one of the most Tags: miriam, gonzalez, My Ruin - Wikipedia My Ruin is an American Los Angeles-based alternative metal band, composed of the husband and wife duo Tairrie B and Mick Murphy. The band has been through