Nadine at the bar

Oh very cool photo! I love the lighting change. Photo: Nadine at the bar :: S.A.Photo

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Natalia looking for love

I bet she is russian… Beautiful photo. Frederico, you are correct. She is from St. Petersburg. Natalia is a sexy russian babe looking for love! Photo: Natalia

Claudia on table

Claudia on table is so seducing.. Photo: Claudia on table :: S.A.Photo

Jessica in corset

Oh i miss the kiss of treachery the shameless Kiss of vanity the soft and the black and the Velvety up tight against the side of me and Mouth and eyes and heart all bleed … Read more

Watch Where You Step

Model: Kerri I don’t know what we were doing but I did like this photo so here you go my adoring Fans. Beautiful composition…very inviting photo! I’ve said it before and will say it again…. … Read more


I could never get this right. I wasn’t very inspired at the time. I did retouch and alter her picture though. The original is on here so take a look at it. model- Tara Sickmeier … Read more