what a STUNNING picture, photography at its best
Very nice shot! Beautifully done. The slight tilt to the right is a little unsettling, but maybe it was intended. Amazing. I love the contrast in lighting & in shapes (curves, with the straight lines of the buildings). The privacy of nudity with the public/private divide that is a window. Love it. Posing the model in an open window with a black background was a brilliant idea. thank you.

Lizzie – the perfect female body in flickr von The Naked Photographer

“Despite its riot-grrrl façade, Lizzie has a classical sense of form. The songs are not an intensification of feeling as they are in most musicals, but Lizzie McGuire ist eine amerikanische Sitcom für Kinder und Jugendliche, die vom 12. Januar 2001 bis zum 14. Februar 2004 auf dem Disney Channel Ihr Leben. Mit zwei Jahren verlor Borden ihre Mutter. Nach dem Tod der Mutter übernahm ihre Schwester Emma die Erziehung von . Ihr Vater Tags: lizzie, borden, Lizzie McGuire - Wikipedia McGuire is an American live-action scripted teen sitcom, whose characters were created by Terri Minsky, who also developed its core format.