soft…sweet…lovely. like the one shoe/stocking off, one on. genuine. Natalie is so beautiful.

Nude among Landscapes 2 in flickr von Sol Lang

See nude in landscapes in the water, on sand, laying on rocks, nude bodies on the beach, at a waterfall or nudes in landscapes in a lavender field. Andrew Gnezdilov Photography Nudes in Landscapes joanne playing-a flower in a river. a jump from the clouds. thea bending on a stone Parte de un proyecto editorial sobre desnudo artístico en exteriores. En este caso en las provincias de La Rioja y Catamarca, en el norte argentino. Part of a publishing project on artistic Tags: desnudo, artstico, Female Nude in a Landscape Female in a Landscape On his return from a visit to Italy in 1881 where he had been studying the old masters, and in particular the paintings of Raphaël, Renoir reached a turning point