simply amazing. beautiful model, she’s a goddess.

Just fantastic! I really love the colours. The vibrancy of the greens, the coolness/blues in the her hair and in the whites of her shirt. Nice how her face is profiled against the blurred green. Beautiful profile and composition too.

my god, that is lovely :: fipi

John Piper is one of my favorite writers and preachers, and this may be his most important book. It lays out a central theme of his ministry – we glorify God by enjoying Him. It is important to teach children to listen to adults in many situations, but to have the knowledge that they're allowed to say "no!" if the adult is crossing inappropriate boundaries. Numbers. 6970 - soldiers God has killed in Iraq and Afghantan. 63,078 - pickets conducted by WBC. 1028 - cities have been vited by WBC. Tags: westboro, baptist, The Real Fynn - author Sydney Hopkins “Fynn!” “Since first reading Mter Th Anna in 1987, and Anna’s Book, then Anna and the Black Knight several years later, I have been intrigued about the author ‘Fynn’.

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