I photographed my model to achieve a classic nude look. Her deep contemplation lent itself perfectly to the mood. When collaborating artistically with a model, I am inspired by the idea that the subject is a real human being with thoughts, concerns and emotions. What was she thinking about at this very moment? The answer is now in the viewer’s domain. The only hint I can give is that she will soon be moving far, far away to be close to her lover.

Inspired by classic paintings. As always, excellent.

Dream Contemplation in flickr von Sol Lang

The Dream Haus is a mindful meditation andga studio situated on the edge of Görlitzerpark. Our space is dedicated to insight, contemplation and creativity, for learning to meditate and practicing mindfulness. Provided touTube by Believe SAS Hall of Contemplation · Musica para Dormir Dream House 55 Modern Bedroom ℗ Give Into Musica para Dormir Dream House Studios When the river the mind goes off a cliff, it becomes a waterfall that leads to the world of s. When we fall asleep, we fall down this waterfall and gather information about how the Tags: remembering, dreams, contemplation | Definition of contemplation ‘Though shattered and disillusioned, he held onto his of getting away from ordinary life in order to pursue prayer and .’ ‘It is the Word of God set to music - its constant gentle