Its a gorgeous butt and very well shot. Love the nails.

I’m really enjoying the black and white and colour stuff. Well I’m enjoying all the stuff but keep getting in the mood for this or the mood for that…

Don’t think this is nearly as good as ‘A Touch Of Red’ but I like the subtlety here.

Shame you can’t see much of it here but I’m actually wearing a naughty maid’s outfit, oh well maybe next time then?

Subtle shadows

Here at The Keep we take pride in offering a casual fine dining atmosphere that offers a subtle elegance and quality complimented by Montana values. Drawing the mouth is a key to achieving any likeness. Start with the line formed as the lips meet and this should create a natural expression for the face. Monument Golf Course Gering Nebraska - (308) 635-2277 Tags: monument, shadows, Rainbows - Atmospheric Optics Rainbows take many forms. Multiple bows, bows that cross, red bows, twinned bows, coloured fringes, dark bands, spokes and more. Find out about them and

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