Wow, this shot has been far more popular than I would have expected. I feel that Glossy Silhouette (from the same shoot) is a far more powerful and sexy image. I’m not sure if it’s being overlooked or if I’m just biased.

Regardless, with all the positive response I’ll definitely put up more.
I like this curve… Nice.

really love this pic… and that’s a delicious boob!

Photo: the texture of her skin is amazing

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texture - the musical pattern created by parts being played or sung together; "then another melodic line is added to the texture" musicality , musicalness - the property of sounding like music 4. texture definition: 1. the quality of something that can be decided by touch; the degree to which something is rough or smooth, or soft or hard: 2. the character of a piece of writing or Vual s refer to vual impression that s produce to human observer, which are related to local spatial variations simple stimuli like colour, orientation and intensity in an image. Th s focuses only Tags: what, texture,

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