… or didn’t you notice. Yeah… right.

One small softbox boomed over the top and slightly to the left of camera. There is no added fill. I like this light because of the mixed softness and deep contrast. Keeping the fill to a minimum helps sculpt the body and the lines. Easy to do with a speedlight as well. There are some nice little mini-softboxes out there that could be used. You could use a small or medium umbrella, but the wrap would give you slightly less contrast in the shadow area. I have just received my umbrella with a diffuser on the front of it and will be testing it in the weeks to come. I think it may fall closer to the softbox than an open umbrella.

I noticed this image just as I was getting ready to leave the office. Thought I would go ahead and post it. Big shoots over the weekend.

Briana’s Legs
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