A mysterious blackmailer has threatened to make public a series of personal Web photo graphs of Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo unless she surrenders the … source: nypost.com

Update 13.June.07:
The ‘miss new jersey racy photos’ story continues:
Miss New Jersey can keep her crown despite the Racy Photos!!

Amy Polumbo

Barbara Colby, Actress: Mary Tyler Moore. Actress Barbara Colby, at age 36, was on the brink of TV character stardom when the native Newrker was Welcome Back, Kotter: Marcia Strassman, John Travolta, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Ron Palillo, John Sylvester White, Gabriel Kaplan, Melonie Haller, Robert Hegyes 30th Midsouth Emmy® Awards. Entry Period July 7 – September 11, 2015; Eligibility Period July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 Tags: awards, natas, NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt, Jr.’s Race For decades, Stevie has written out Bible verses for her husband, Dale Earnhardt, Sr., and now Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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  1. what a stupid girl—who blames OTHER people for what you put on the set yourself? she should have been fired ASAP…its no ones fault those pics got released but hers and they were freakin nasty

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