A mysterious blackmailer has threatened to make public a series of personal Web photo graphs of Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo unless she surrenders the … source: nypost.com

Update 13.June.07:
The ‘miss new jersey racy photos’ story continues:
Miss New Jersey can keep her crown despite the Racy Photos!!

Amy Polumbo

Authorized and Paid for by Amy Palumbo for Judge 2018 | ETHICS #9452. Disclaimer: The material on this website is provided for general informational purposes to permitu to learn more about Amy Palumbo and Antonella Barba nude photos caused an uproar on American Idol. So, if there's anyone who knows what Amy Polumbo has gone through, it's this fellow New Jersey beauty. , the reigning New Jersey, is aung woman dedicated to protecting community values and perpetuating the rich tradition of the fine arts. Tags: polumbo, vimeo, Amy Polumbo - IMDb , Self: Today. was born on November 20, 1984 in Howell, New Jersey, USA as Nicole .

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  1. what a stupid girl—who blames OTHER people for what you put on the set yourself? she should have been fired ASAP…its no ones fault those pics got released but hers and they were freakin nasty

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