Tura Satana – Faster, Pussycat

Tura Satana’s most noted screen role is Varla in the 1965 film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! – a very aggressive and sexual female character for which she did all of her own stunts and fight scenes. Renowned film critic Richard Corliss called her performance “…the most honest, maybe the one honest portrayal in the Meyer canon and certainly the scariest.” In the book Incredibly Strange Films critic Jim Morton wrote of Tura, “By the end of the film she seems almost supernatural.” – source:wikipedia

Tura Satana

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Atypical Russ Meyer movie that features none of his exploitive trademarks but actually concentrates on characterizations of his three stars---the incomparable Tura Satana, sultry Haji, and way-out California girl Lori Williams. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is a 1965 American exploitation film directed by Russ Meyer and co-written by Meyer and Jack Moran. It follows three go-go dancers who embark on a spree of kidnapping and murder Career. A native of Pittsburgh, Lori Williams had, in her late teens and early twenties, a very brief acting career which, in addition to , consists of billed roles in only two other films. Tags: lori, williams, Russ-Meyer-Filmreihe auf Tele 5 - Russ-Meyer-Filmreihe auf Tele 5 "Süßer die Glocken nie klingen" Wenn Sie im Tele-5-Programm auf das Motto "Süßer die Glocken nie klingen" stoßen, sollten die Kinder längst im Bett sein.

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