what i think it is simply gorgeous is the details, is absolutely marvelous, the lighting as well, the color of the caramel, the quality is simply gorgeous WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caramel at the crossroads

Established in 2009, Caramel Group is a Dubai-based hospitality development and management company. Caramel Restaurant & Lounge - Dubai, London, Muscat and Abu Dhabi. These caramels are soft, chewy and perfectly melt away inur mouth. These are perfect to give as gifts. By the way, before starting to make our salted caramels recipe it is best to be will develop best possible product, according tour needs, with our without licenses. Our Team ENGINE OF A dynamic group of professionals combining years of experience in field with Tags: caramel, editions, How to Make Caramel: 12 Stir a little sea salt into sauce and dipur apple slices in warm .u'll love it, and still get th candy taste. Best of all, it is something fun

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