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Geschichte und Religion Antike. In der Antike waren Throne von Anbeginn das Symbol der Könige und Götter. Der Thron diente für die Krönungszeremonien throne (thrōn) n. 1. A chair occupied, as by a monarch or prelate, as a mark of rank or distinction on state or ceremonial occasions, often situated on a Sklavenstuhl Fesselstuhl Bondagestuhl Dominathron Sklavenbank Sklavenhocker Facesittingsitz Toilettenstuhl Folterstuhl Steelfetish Bondagemöbel Tags: throne, sklavenstühle, Chrysanthemum Throne - Wikipedia The Chrysanthemum ( , kōi?, lit. "Imperial position/rank") is the term used to identify the of the Emperor of Japan. The term also can

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