There is an innate characteristic some models have that makes them step into a perfect pose the moment they see the photographer point his lens at them. Isabella is such a model. She takes to the command “start modelling!” like a trooper and does it brilliantly. In my brief experience shooting models, I have found that some can and some can’t get into it with such facility. In my on-going search for models, I will always be looking for the model that has the potential to be a consummate professional even if they are not already.

I am not discussing this image here, in particular. Of course I love it and am happy with the results of this session.

See a short video of a shooting session with Isabella.

You can also own an original print of Isabella and others, by going to my profile page and linking to Imagekind. I would do it here, but to my understanding Flickr does not allow it.

Thank you for viewing my art.
After I now solved the german censorship problem I could see this picture… And it made me really happy 🙂

No, am serious, this picture is really great !

Also the frame you chose is perferct. Isabella is the icing on the cake… Her pose is really sexy… Do you have more of this set ?

Maybe you can take more photographs like this ?

Photo: Isabella — Striking a pose 1 :: Sol Lang

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