Awesome! A technique not utilized enough. A great effect and great composition. Well done

Photo: stripes n body

stripes, a number or combination of such strips, worn on a military, naval, or other uniform as a badge of rank, service, good conduct, combat wounds, etc. Envy the tiger and the zebra no longer.u have stripes ofur own. Human skin is overlaid with what dermatologists call Blaschko’s Lines, a pattern of stripes covering the body from head to toe. Family owed ad operated sice 1993 5055 Hallmark Parkway #E Sa Berardio, CA, USA 92407 909-376-0395 Tags: stripes, graphics, The White Stripes FAQ THE UOFFICIAL WHITE FAQ Versio 6 The FAQ that USA Today calls "exhaustive" ad curretly the oly FAQ o the White . Actually I ca't say 'oly' aymore theres a couple others out there but they

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