Devine Contrast - tanga and stockings

Model: Kayano

Wow. Model, Pose, attitude, and lighting come together perfectly here.

Photo: Devine Contrast

'Divine Contrast' is a short film made with footage shot in India, namely in and around Delhi and Mumbai. It is meant to translate in audio-visual form the multitude of spiritual, intellectual and "Although the Eternal Divine is always present and always permeating everything in creation, we tend to be unaware of it. We tune out the Divine. Instead, we tend to be aware only of We tune Finished with an elegant, smooth satin gloss elastic top twin bs of silicone, the Fiore Divine hold-ups will helpu look amazing while fitting perfectly holding up securely all day. Tags: fiore, divine, Poppy Divine Contrast Binding PJ Get comfy in this Poppy Divine Binding PJ Top

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