Joy of Summer

Wow! What a beautiful model. Reminds me of a tv advert for shampoo, or something.

I love the light on her hair, and the grass (?) that’s in focus around her.

And of course the pose is brilliant.

Photo: Joy of Summer

Geschichte. Die Band Joy wurde 1984 in Bad Aussee von Andy Schweitzer, Freddy Jaklitsch und Manfred Temmel gegründet. Kurze Zeit später bekam das Trio Yesterday was a perfect London day. 24 deg C, bright sunshine, and a lovely tease of a breeze. No humidity that my hair could sense, or my skin. Yesterday There's a spectrum to Tomato Pies. There are the Tomato Pies that think themselves Apple Pies: double crusted, savory but spiced, and very very wet. Tags: summer, tomato, Joy the Baker We made it! If we were working for the weekend, it looks like the weekend has finally cozied up next to us for a spell – not a moment too soon.

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