sweet cherry

Hi Friends,

This is one of my favourite shots. The model is my friend. She asked me to shoot her for fun. I was really shy looking at her nude though.
Please tell me what you think. Your comments are very valuable to me. ^_^ Please be kind. I’m new here and nice to meet you all.
i love this one, the model is adorable and great composition

Photo: Sweet Cherry

In short, Dreamwave was a comic company that did awesome Transformer comics but had poor (and, given the whole thing with freelancers being left holding the bag on some of the company’s debts, quite possibly Simply lovely! I wish we could get fresh or even frozen cherries here (Central America), but all they have all those awful canned ones. Cherry pie is my all-time favorite and I would make these Child o’ Mine (engl. für: „Mein süßes Kind“) ist ein Lied der US-amerikanischen Hard-Rock-Band Guns N’ Roses und deren dritte Single sowie zugleich die dritte aus ihrem Debütalbum Appetite for Destruction aus dem Jahr Tags: sweet, child, Cherry Almond softening & sweet Almond shampoo & conditioner leaves hair touchably soft leaving behind a naturally smelling aroma.

rate her body, boobs and nipples

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