sweet cherry

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This is one of my favourite shots. The model is my friend. She asked me to shoot her for fun. I was really shy looking at her nude though.
Please tell me what you think. Your comments are very valuable to me. ^_^ Please be kind. I’m new here and nice to meet you all.
i love this one, the model is adorable and great composition

Photo: Sweet Cherry

My friend has a piece of trunk he found in a wood and despite being just non-worked wood, it has a quite strong fruity scent similar to…sweet cherry, like it was addictioned with sugar. The cultivated forms are of the species sweet cherry (P. avium) to which most cherry cultivars belong, and the sour cherry (P. cerasus), which is used mainly for cooking. 50's Style SELECT ITEM SHOP ♪♪♪ Tags: style, shop, Cherry Sweet Rolls - Lemon This easy recipe for rolls can be made in just about an hour. They're filled with cherries and topped with a light glaze. Delish!

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