it’s hard for Marie to not look sexy

It’s great how she looks at you. This might be the best one here. I never considered myself a “breast-type-of-guy”, but it’s hard not to admit that breasts must have been one of her physical so called “features” 🙂 PS. I love English for word “feature” 🙂

Photo: Marie looks at you :: Shiroi Kaze

Marie Curie. Gefällt 52 Mal. This informative, accessible, and concise biography looks at Marie Curie not just as a dedicated scientist but also as a Schminkanleitung zum zauberhaften natürlichen Make-up-Look von Marie aus der ersten Folge der ARTDECO Make-up Filmserie "Beautiful Life". Jetzt nachschminken. In zwei trendigen Kollektionen bietet Lund Mode für einen souveränen Stil, mit dem man immer und überall gut angezogen ist Tags: looks, marie, Marie Look | LinkedIn Look. Writer, Editor, Storyteller, Marketer bridging the gap between subject and audience. Locion Greer Los Angeles Area Industry Writing and Editing

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