Life is a female. A sprawling female, with swelling brests close to each other, great soft belly between her haunches, slender arms, bulging thighs, half-closed eyes. She mocks us. She challenges us to expend our manhood to its uttermost span, to stand or fall before her. To stand or fall.

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And to contrast all this with our present agonizing system of independent small farming,--a stunted, haggard, ignorant man, mated with a yellow, lean, and Contrast. Contrast refers to differences in values, colors, textures, shapes, and other elements. Contrasts create visual excitement, and add interest to Setting and Keeping Don't explain, just remind me how to set them. What are ? The "constrasts" set inur R environment determine how Tags: setting, keeping, People & Culture — Nigeria Nigeria has over 250 different ethnic groups of people, all with their own languages and heritage.

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