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“I Fell in Love With the Devil” is the third track from Head Above Water, which describes a toxic relationship Avril maintained while she was suffering from Lyme disease. "I Fell in Love with the Devil" is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne and is the third track from Avril Lavigne's sixth studio album, Head Above Water. It was written by Lavigne about To use an analogy, let's say thatu just n wth bology and decded to go out and buy a brand new mcroscope. Tags: fell, love, fell in love | Übersetzung 's bundle [also: bundle of ] 'sches Bündel {n} [auch: -Bündel] He nto abeyance. Er st n Wartestellung. dom n one swoop: auf enen Schlag [fg.] F flm n and War [Rchard

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