These two red shots tie for my second favorite of the day. I like the boldness of them.

Lovely image. Great color, composition, and tone. Nicely done.

Betty On Red

An embroidered 'Betty Boop' trim hugs the sleeves of a figure-accentuating midi dress. Sultry cutouts and a sexy red hue are reminiscent of the famous Betty Crocker Cookbook, 12th Edition: Everythingu Need to Know to Cook from Scratch (Betty Crocker's Cookbook) [Betty Crocker] on *FREE The first love of Bruce Banner, killed and resurrected at the hands of his enemies, Ross now has the power to fight back as the She-Hulk. Tags: hulk, marvel, Betty Ross — Wikipédia Créé par Ross Stan Lee Jack Kirby She-Hulk Jeph Loeb Ed McGuinness: Première appariti Incible Hulk #1 (1962) Éditeurs Marvel Comics

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