Modelo: Daniela Retamal

uuts! que retrato tan bueno
luz, pose…. la modelo!….todo! excelente!

Photo: Deep Breath :: Nestor Alvarez

Description Needing to escape fromur hectic day for a couple minutes? Areu wanting to refocusur energy? Then just ask Alexa! “Deep Breath” was created to help walk people through deep, diaphragmatic breathing philosophy's take a deep breath oil-free oxygenating gel cream featuring clean-air technologyTM restores and refreshes dull, dry skin suffering from effects of a busy lifestyle that can age it. philosophy Take a in. Now let it out.u may notice a difference in howu feel already.ur is a powerful tool to ease stress and makeu feel less anxious. Some Tags: deep, breathing, 【DEEP BREATH】 Full by zakoteki Full ED (3rdED)