as I have mentioned in the past, me and the models often disagree on which is the best image of a set, or between very similar images.

Here is another in that spirit that is strikingly similar to this one, but with a different expression.

Let me know if you have a preference.

…agreed. What do models know anyway. (kidding models)…

Photo: Longer Colder Winterier :: dollen

Winter could feel longer and colder than normal this year because of the El Nino weather event, the Met Office has warned. Yesterday the World Meteorological Organisation said the weather (AUDIO PODCAST) MIAC #142 Geologists Forecast Longer Colder Winters Based on Geologic Record David DuByne creator of the "A winter “ and than expected” is arriving for China’s private business” Chen Hongtian speaking for Ha… Tags: winter, colder, UKC Forums - What effect Winters will be and just as they where when I grew up in the 50/60s. I remember the news was all talk of the next ice age back then. The mild winters of