Compliments, do you do women really compliments? Women want to hear any compliments? What they say is best? This article will help you answer such questions can be louder. So compliments are recorded properly, you need only observe a few rules.

Here we go: Women want to hear any compliments?

Many counselors, however, to make women compliments. If you ask me, this is utter nonsense. To sum it up: Which “healthy” humans do not like to hear even a nice compliment? Compliments should be said a woman not just like that, only if she has earned it. By that I mean, for example, if well invested, or listening to the conversation. “You are really an interesting person, with you, you can have a good time”

What compliments?

If you get an honest compliment from someone, then you find that person, here’s the thing, yeah likable. Yes Who would have thought it:) So do not listen to the many guide, make a woman never a compliment. It is critical to properly calibrate it all. i.e. Compliments only right to use, depending on the situation.

With a compliment you can conjure up, in women, sure, that one or two times, a smile on your face. You will be glad to determine it.

In one respect, the compliments from time to time be less and less. Therefore it is important to praise your partner, so that he / she feels valued and respected.
What should I make compliments for a woman?

So now we come slowly to the rules that I had already mentioned at the beginning.

I think we can all agree that as much as 90-95% of compliments on the appearance of a woman are related. Avoid paying compliments to women for their looks. This is especially true for (very pretty) women you barely know. She says that she looks great anyway almost everyone. In the club, a woman is 10-times hear of some guy that she looks hot. Your compliment was just one of many. When it comes to this kind of compliment is, yes, I am also against making women compliments.

You have to get a compliment, “deserve”. Imagine, you are talking in the club with a woman. 10 minutes only to tell you something, then comes after a compliment. “You can really entertained me to you”. The woman thinks to himself, “I’ve hardly said anything, but he has all the time gelabbert”. The problem is that a woman must do something only once, so you deserve a compliment. The reason is not that we need to do a full “extreme”. No, compliments could be taken wrong and you stand as Schleimer dar.

If you have something to talk to her and know better, you praise her character. Something that stands out on her behavior, what you like. Women love it too, if you praise her taste in fashion. Ok, it should be a little more original than, “I like your outfit”. “Your necklace is right for your earrings, you have a good fashion sense.” Would be a lot better.

Basically, the more personal and individual a compliment, the better.

General Tips

Finally, I want you a few general tips to pass on the way to get women the right to make a compliment.

Expect nothing in return
If you give a woman a compliment, then you can expect nothing in return. So for example no “thank you too!”. Do not wait any recognition.

Honest compliment
Naturally you only make a sincere compliment. Women can smell it a compliment if it is meant seriously or not.

Do not overdo
Since you now know what it takes, do not bombard women with compliments. A single compliment is sufficient.

Weaknesses praise
One must not always praise the strengths of a person. Women are pleased also times when you praise their weaknesses.

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