Color story for Nailpro Magazine. Look familiar? It’s often stolen. Our lawyers are on the case… No, really.

yeah, this is a fabulous shot, Brooks!

Photo: Diana’s Eye :: Brooks Ayola

Diana Moore Diana's Eye Sight Hello my name is Diana Moore, I am 51 years old and I've been blind for 8 years now. I graduated from Jack Yates High School and Night had always been Diana's favorite time, even as a child. It had been that way since she was old enough to scramble over the walls of the Solari temple and watch the moon traverse fuckin contact gets stuck in her . & we try to get it out . Tags: dianas, fucked, THE Princess Diana Makeup Look As part of my makeup moments series, watch guest artist Mary Greenwell demonstrate the look she created for Princess Diana's iconic first shoot for British Vogue. x