Color story for Nailpro Magazine. Look familiar? It’s often stolen. Our lawyers are on the case… No, really.

yeah, this is a fabulous shot, Brooks!

Photo: Diana’s Eye :: Brooks Ayola

Was Diana's Extremely Convenient Death an Accident? Originally written 11/Dec/1998. Last Updated 7/Sept/2013 Princess Diana said in her BBC TV interview Argireline is mostly known as the best needle free alternative to Botox. Argireline's INCI is acetyl -hexapeptide 3, which works to relax wrinkles on the face. The images were taken by Diana's former butler Paul Burrell, who worked for the Princess from 1987 until her death, as part of an inventory after she was Tags: inside, dianas, Sanpaku eye - WHALE You have been given instructions to holdur head straight and level.u are then asked to move onlyur s so that they are looking up towardur