Color story for Nailpro Magazine. Look familiar? It’s often stolen. Our lawyers are on the case… No, really.

yeah, this is a fabulous shot, Brooks!

Photo: Diana’s Eye :: Brooks Ayola

The royal family didn’t approve of her then-boyfriend. RICHARDUNG/Shutterstock. Dodi Fayed, Diana’s boyfriend and the son of an Egyptian billionaire, was also a victim of the car crash. Dr Shepherd, who performed the second autopsy on the 36-year-old for the official British investigation, said had she been buckled-in ahead of the crash “she would have walked away with a black eye or maybe We giveu an intimate look at Hasnat Khan, the man who stole Princess Diana’s heart, and their private relationship. Tags: secrets, about, Princess Diana's Humanitarian Causes, 20 Princess Diana harnessed the media frenzy around her for good by raising awareness on a number of progressive causes.