Artistic nude shoot two weeks back, perfect shape and form.

Very nice studieo nudes…. great composition and lighting.

Photo: Hannah’s Curves :: a_moment_in_focus

The news came after Hannah's previous miscarriages. Talking to OK! Magazine about her miscarriages and pregnancy, she said: “I had one a few years previously with another partner. What Hannah didn’t admit was that her newfound curves were not entirely natural. In August 2013, like 25,000 other British women each year, she had a breast augmentation, taking her pert small-B v1.0 04/20/2012 Construction: Step 1: Take both of the body pieces, put them right sides together, and sew around the two shown in red to the left. Tags: hannahs, pillowcase, Hannah's Take: Curves and Relying Our lives took a curve one day when we found out Arielle had a heart condition, this caused her to have two heart transplants in a time span of sixteen months. Obviously this was a