The wind caught the skirt and she caught the edge… just in time. What a smile…. This image was taken with a 2.5 MP Olympus digital SLR. Yep – damn near a toy these days, but we paid nearly 2k for the camera and flash… sheeeeesh.

You captured her smile wonderfully. The light was certainly your friend.

Photo: Caught… Maria on the Curb :: Wizwow

Junosuando, Sweden, where Erika Kruuka was born in 1866, gets cold--really cold. In a region where temperatures regularly dip below 0 degrees fahrenheit, there are few things to give one’s Maria Guleghina will travel to Vladivostok for the first time and perform one of her most acclaimed roles: TOSCA , followed by a Solo Concert with Orchestra, both conducted by the General Music Director of Everglades Fishing Company captures video of a shark getting eaten by a large grouper. Tags: caught, video, About Vista Maria | Vista Vista has a history of providing healing and inspirati for girls and women to regain ir dignity.