I love working with Lynne. She is a natural performer and throws a lot of energy into the shoots. The photogs were taken with her enthusiasm and natural glamour.

This image was taken with only one light. A large softbox slightly above her and to camera right was the only source. I played with the fill boards a bit to lighten up the shadows, and I made sure that Lynne kept her face turned up into the light.

gorgeous, great light, sexy pose.

Photo: Lynne at the Workshop :: Wizwow

Lynne Irene Stewart (October 8, 1939 – March 7, 2017) was an American defense attorney who was known for representing controversial, famous defendants. KT February Special What's onur have-to-make list this year? Even though I plan for scrappy quilts, I never seem to have enough basic prints and tone-on-tones in all the different colors. Ewart’s Personal Audio readings,( transmitted tou by mp3 on email) are occasionally available but not right now, due to writing commitments. Tags: lynne, ewart, Shir Hadash Synagogue – Community, Shir Hadash is loced 200 W. Dundee Road, Wheeling, IL 60090. To reach our office, call (847) 498-8218 or email office@shir-hadash.org.