Very attractive image with mystery added as the models face is obscured, again, nice colour, good one.


Endeavour Mining Corporation (“EDV”) has no control over the External Site, any data or other content contained therein or any additional linked websites. The link to the External Site is provided for convenience purposes only. ENDEAVOUR’S Roger Allam has opened up about an upcoming split between his character, Fred Thursday, and Shaun Evans’ Inspector Morse, and it seems as though things won’t be good. News zur ENDEAVOUR MINING AKTIE und aktueller Realtime-Aktienkurs Desjardins sets C$30.00 price target for Endeavour Mining, an uplift of more than 50%, as company enters harvest mode Tags: endeavour, mining, Tactical Star Cruiser (T6) - The Tactical Star Cruiser (T6) is a Vice Admiral (Tier 6) level Federation Cruiser and Flagship. It is the tactical variant of the Flagship Star Cruisers, also known as Endeavor-class.