Here the strip light is behind her and pointing down at 45º, that’s why the hands are the lightest shade because they’re closest to the light, almost no light comes from the right. As usual the octa as fill.

Awesome portrait – wonderful! Perfect pose, light and facial expression.

Photo: Anna 05 © ::

In 1730, Tsar Peter II (grandson of Anna's uncle Peter the Great) died childless at aung age. His death rendered extinct the male line of the Romanov dynasty, which had ruled Russia for over This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. ‘ Funder’s Stasiland demonstrates that great, original reporting is still possible. She found her subject in East Germany, went for it bravely and delivers the goods in a heartbreaking, beautifully written book. Tags: anna, funder, Anna Duklauer Perl - The Duklauer Perl was one of them. One column of numbers and names, . 76235, Duklauer, "Metallarbeiterin" or metalworker it says in German next to her name.

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