This is Natalie. She is an aspiring model with a great talent. Versatile, enthusiastic and creative. A pleasure to work with. A glamour photographer’s muse.

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very sensual shot
she is beautiful

Photo: Natalie getting real in front of the camera 8 :: Sol Lang

Natalie Portman is the first person born in the 1980s to have won the Academy Award for Best Actress (for Black Swan (2010)). Natalie was born Natalie Personally, I’m looking forward to Natalie somehow getting dressed as a Playboy bunny. I totally wouldn’t put it past Jeannie to do that. Portman (born Neta-Lee Hershlag; Hebrew: נטע-לי הרשלג ‎; June 9, 191) is an actress and film producer with dual Israeli and American Tags: natalie, portman, Home - Natalie Cadet Cadet sger songwriter / oldest member Cadet sisters / Cadet's new album 'My Journey' on iTunes