This is Natalie. She is an aspiring model with a great talent. Versatile, enthusiastic and creative. A pleasure to work with. A glamour photographer’s muse.

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very sensual shot
she is beautiful

Photo: Natalie getting real in front of the camera 8 :: Sol Lang

Lost in the mystery of Natalie Wood’s death is another tragic tale—the treachery of growing old in Hollywood. Sunrise news reader, Natalie Barr, opened up to Fairfax Media about fighting with Kochie, the pay gap controversy and sexism in media. Wood, Actress: West Side Story. Wood was born on July 20, 193, San Francisco, California, as Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko. Her parents Tags: natalie, wood, Natalie Svikle | Dublin-based Personal is a Dubl-based personal stylist and shopper with over 10 years experience personal stylg, wardrobe management and personal shoppg.