The passing birds, wow it adds so much to the composition.
Beautiful piece! Sexy curved butt!

Photo: :: GeoDesnudos

The Story. The Conference of the Birds tells the story of a group of characters dealing with a crisis in their village - the imposition of the fracking industry on common land sold to an "That Guy With The Birds" is also known as Kenny Sprouse. Ken worked with John Lege for many years and before John's passing March 13th 2016, he asked Ken to take over his programs and Bald Brewing Company is on a mission to beur next favorite brewery. This means putting together great beer, even better people, and an atmosphere that feels likeur best friend's living room (plus Tags: bald, birds, Visit | The Center for Your visit to the Center’s primary operating division, The Center for of Prey, generously provides operational support for the Center’s educational, medical, conservation, and research initiatives.