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a thin red line in flickr von Danger Photo

The Thin Red Line asks a lot of good questions about death, war, and the ultimate meaning of life. Now that I have seen it, I'm very surprised that this film did not win picture The Thin Red Line Trailer Based on the graphic novel by James Jones, The Thin Red Line tells the story of a group of men, an Army Rifle company called C-for-Charlie, who change, suffer, and Triler for Terrence Mlick's film strring Sen Penn, Jmes Cviezel, Ben Chplin, Elis Kotes, drien Brody, John Cusck, e Clooney, Nick Nolte, John C. Reilly, John Trvolt, John Svge Tags: thin, line, Watch The Thin Red Line Bsed on the grphic novel by Jmes Jones, The tells the story of group of men, n rmy Rifle compny clled C-for-Chrlie, who chnge, suffer, nd ultimtely mke essentil discoveries bout