Shooting Natalie, Getting Ready

Every time I go back to my photo-archives, I find more images of Natalie that I get excited about. These raw images have so much power. In processing them I find that I can build … Read more

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Isabella — Striking a pose

There is an innate characteristic some models have that makes them step into a perfect pose the moment they see the photographer point his lens at them. Isabella is such a model. She takes to … Read more


There was a blow up Beyonce’s dress when she was singing in Toronto. For one second she exposed her breast – they say! But actually I didn’t see much dress malfunction on the Youtube clip…

Nude among Landscapes - once again

Another beautiful shot of Natalie by Sol Lang Nathalie is absolutely gorgeous in this picture. Actually if I look at this picture for too long I may find myself too in an unstable emotional state … Read more

Slumberous - nude

My Blog To see more of my work, please go to my web site Delite…, and wondefull my dear friend! Photo: Slumberous Sensuality 14 :: Sol Lang

Isabella in the Garden

The garden of Earthly delights comes to mind. Back by popular demand, Isabella has kindly agreed to disrobe in our garden to the delight, or was it shock of our neighbours. We live in a … Read more