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For digital camera enthusiasts using Canon cameras. The forum contains general photography and technique discussion areas which are not camera specific. All these Pokémon evolve by using the Deep Sea Scale whilst trading. Click them to go to their Pokédex Entry: Canon "Best Lenses" must include the TS-E lenses - many Nikon owners buy a Canon body just for these. It must also include the 135/2.0L and 180/3.5L Mac, the two ... A review of the Canon Rebel XTi, explaining the merits of this camera relative to the 30D and 5D and the Nikon D80. The article covers physical design, ergonomics ... Keinen First Look oder Preview , sondern einen vollwertigen Test von Canons (brand-)neuer EOS 400D kann die ihren Lesern präsentieren. Die ... Canon EOS Beginner FAQ. Frequently asked questions about photography and photographic equipment, aimed at the beginner using Canon EOS equipment.


Tura Satana – Faster, Pussycat …

Tura Satana’s most noted screen role is Varla in the 1965 film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! – a very aggressive and sexual female character for which she did all of her own stunts and fight scenes. Renowned film critic Richard…

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