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Bloom Spokane Releases Groundbreaking Maternity Care Resources September 1, 2014. Over the past year, Bloom Spokane—a local nonprofit organization—has been ... A gravid uterus is a uterus during pregnancy. A woman with an unborn fetus developing inside her uterus goes through many changes as she carries her unborn child. Persistent retroversion of a gravid uterus (incarceration) in the third trimester is an extremely rare diagnosis and is only scarcely been described. Its prevalence ... Le 40 settimane di gravidanza, con consigli e informazioni utili per le future mamme. Che cosa fare in gravidanza, salute, alimentazione, stile di vita, esami, viaggi ... Gli indispensabili. Il mio controllo di gravidanza; I miei nomi; Top delle maternità; La mia curva di peso; La mia curva di temperatura; Le mie ricette di cucina Magliette personalizzate da indossare in gravidanza, t-shirt per future mamme e papà


Tatiana Taccolini – as tasty as a candy bar

Oh my, that looks as tasty as a candy bar Tatiana Taccolini

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The oranges don’t look so out of place in this one the light is amazing just makes her skin glow a beautiful shot Photo: kakaako :: Shiroi Kaze

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passing birds

The passing birds, wow it adds so much to the composition. Beautiful piece! Sexy curved butt! Photo: :: GeoDesnudos

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