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Telenovela “Iubire si onoare” ce va fi difuzata, din aceasta toamna, ACASA, ofera sansa unor tineri sa dea viata unor personaje complexe. Andreea Apetre, Ioana ... VITAMINA D va ajuta sa treceti cu bine peste orice fel de gripa, fara sa va vaccinati Portalul resurselor tale de Cunoaștere = peste 1500 de pagini web cu flux de articole în timp real (centralizate pe secțiunile din antet).


Aimee standing in the shadow of love

Beautiful and sensual (as usual) image. This is an amazing shot! Such raw eroticism evoked from the pose, the lighting, and the expression! standing in the shadow of love. Aimee standing in the shadow of love :: GVK

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where the spirit takes you

beautiful…curve of neck breast and upper torso.chunky jewellry adds to the interest here and draws attention to the hand which is a mini-masterpiece… where the spirit takes you | AustinTX

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I rarely get sick… but I got sick an annoying number of times this winter. I had a cold a mere month back, and I got slammed with the flu a few days ago. The past two days have been…

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