couch potato 2…hurryup,take the picture and get out of the way,you’re blocking the television! what a beautiful girl all your pictures are great, but pics with her are stunning! Photo: O L I V I … Read more nhau lot do com vn Giang Ho Chem Nhau - Giang H Đâm Nhau Dã Man Trong Siêu Th trung qu c - Duration: 0:58. by Cho Em Xin 2 K t qu tìm ki m: 8 clip liên quan "hoc+sinh++nhau" Trang chủ khampha.vn TS Nguy n Bá H i: C n m t “h i ngh Diên H ng” v KHCN Trư c th m s ki n 68 nhà KH tr g p m t Lãnh đ o Chính related: trang, Thương hi u đ lót nam Relax đư c thành l p vào năm 2001, đ n nay đã không ng ng l n m nh và tr thành thương hi u uy


I could never get this right. I wasn’t very inspired at the time. I did retouch and alter her picture though. The original is on here so take a look at it. model- Tara Sickmeier … Read more

that inner warmth

the sun was rather orangy when i took this, so it gave a warm feel, quite strange i suppose as it doesn’t reflect the temperature lately. WOOO snow! 😀 that inner warmth