The garden of Earthly delights comes to mind. Back by popular demand, Isabella has kindly agreed to disrobe in our garden to the delight, or was it shock of our neighbours. We live in a part of the city that is quite populated by Hassidic Jews. Their curiosity was great when they became aware of our session in the garden and in plain view. With barely perceivable discomfort, Isabella stood her ground as I was snapping away.

I particularly enjoyed the contrast of her pink skin against the foliage as the robe was slowly and controllably falling off to reveal her nude body.

I usually work very hard when I am shooting. Very caught up in the moment and deep in my creative mode. It is only much later that I get to view the results of the shoot, work on the images in Photoshop and can finally sit back and admire the photographs. Writing about them as I do for Flickr brings much to light by way of my feelings and emotions that the photographs convey.

I must give a big thank you to my wife Mary Bogdan, who is the gardener and creator of this seemingly wild, ambient, magical location.

All the lighting is natural, outdoors daylight.

We did shoot a video recording of the session. The raw footage will soon be edited and uploaded. If you would like to see a short film showing two of my other sessions please follow this link.

Lovely. Wonderful lighting and a great place to take pictures.

Isabella in the Garden 2 :: Sol Lang

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